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TerraBlanca is an impact investment fund which aims to empower the Internally Displaced Population (IDPs) and other vulnerable groups affected by the internal conflict in Colombia.

By building sustainable agricultural business models in rural areas and supporting social enterprises, our objective is to contribute to the development of peaceful and inclusive communities.

About Us

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The Rockefeller Foundation

Rural Displacement Fund (RDF), An Innovative Financial Structure for Post-Conflict Colombia




Barrios en Pobreza Extrema

Internal Displacement

The internal conflict in Colombia has left 7.2 million internally displaced people (IDPs). Colombia has the largest number of internally displaced people worldwide, surpassing countries like Syria (6.3 million), Sudan (3.3 million) and Iraq (3 million).


For safety reasons, families fled to large metropolitan areas or nearby towns. However, they faced other challenges such as extreme poverty, labor informality, lack of access to education, health, among others.


In a post-conflict context, many families dream of returning home, but capital and economic opportunities are needed to ensure a dignified and sustainable relocation.


Rural Displacement Fund


We have structured a market-based model to empower Internally Displaced Population through land rights.

Read all about our Rural Displacement Fund (RDF) and how we are trying to create impact investing opportunities in post-conflict rural areas.

¿Are you an impact investor or local landowner?

Our Portfolio

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​¿Are you an entrepreneur or impact investor?




Displaced Families

  • Opportunity to own land and housing

  • Empowerment through a rural enterprise

  • Overcome extreme poverty and labor informality

Institutional Buyer

  • Risk management in the purchasing process

  • Direct access to producers

  • Traceability and product quality certification

  • Moving from corporate social responsibility to creating shared value

Impact Investors

  • Profitable investment opportunities with high social impact

  • Sustainable Development Goals #1 (No Poverty) and #16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions)



Carrera 11a #94a-56 Oficina 301 Centro 95

Bogota, Colombia


+57 312 461 4049

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